XmlTask PropertiesMSBuild Extension Pack Help

The XmlTask type exposes the following members.


Public propertyConformance
Sets the ConformanceLevel. Supports Auto, Document and Fragment. Default is ConformanceLevel.Document
Public propertyIndent
Set the Indent option for TransForm. Default is False
Public propertyIsValid
Gets whether an XmlFile is valid xml
Public propertyOmitXmlDeclaration
Set the OmitXmlDeclaration option for TransForm. Default is False
Public propertyOutput
Get the Output
Public propertyOutputFile
Sets the OutputFile
Public propertySchemaFiles
Sets the Schema Files collection
Public propertyTargetNamespace
Sets the TargetNamespace for Validate. Default is ""
Public propertyTextEncoding
Set the Encoding option for TransForm. Default is UTF8
Public propertyXml
Sets the XmlFile
Public propertyXmlFile
Sets the XmlFile
Public propertyXslTransform
Sets the XslTransformFile
Public propertyXslTransformFile
Sets the XslTransformFile
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