SqlExecute PropertiesMSBuild Extension Pack Help

The SqlExecute type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCodePage
Allows setting encoding code page to be used. Default is System.Text.Encoding.Default All code pages are listed here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.text.encoding
Public propertyCommandTimeout
Sets the timeout in seconds. Default is 30
Public propertyConnectionString
Sets the connection string to use for executing the Sql or Files
Public propertyFailedScripts
A list of failed scripts. Each will have metadata item ErrorMessage set to the error encountered.
Public propertyFiles
Sets the files to execute
Public propertyIgnoreScriptErrors
Ignore any script errors, i.e. continue executing any remaining scripts when an error is encountered. Failed scripts will be returned in the FailedScripts output item.
Public propertyParameters
Sets the parameters to substitute at execution time. These are CASE SENSITIVE.
Public propertyRawReaderResult
Gets the raw output from the reader
Public propertyReaderResult
Gets the output from a reader in an Item with metadata matching the names of columns. The first column returned will be used as the identity.
Public propertyRetry
Specifies whether files should be re-executed if they initially fail
Public propertyScalarResult
Gets the scalar result
Public propertySql
Sets the Sql to execute
Public propertyStripMultiLineComments
Specifies whether to parse out multi-line comments before executing. This can be handy if your comments contain GO statements. Please note that if your sql contains code with /* in it, then you should set this to false. Default is true.
Public propertyUseTransaction
Set to true to run the sql within a transaction
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