ActiveDirectory PropertiesMSBuild Extension Pack Help

The ActiveDirectory type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBindingContextOptions
Specifies the options that are used for binding to the server. Default is Negotiate
Public propertyContextTypeStore
Specifies the store to use. Supports Machine and Domain. Default is Domain.
Public propertyDescription
Sets the User's or Group's description
Public propertyDomain
Sets the domain to operate against.
Public propertyErrorOnCancel
Set to true to raise an error if the user clicks cancel on GetPassword form.
Public propertyExists
Gets whether the User or Group exists
Public propertyFirstName
Set the User's First name
Public propertyFullName
Sets the User's full name
Public propertyGetFullMemberName
Sets whether to extract the domain name when using GetGroupMembers. Default is false.
Public propertyGroup
Sets the Group name
Public propertyGroupType
Sets the GroupType. For non domains the default is Local. For Domains the default is Global. Supports Global, Local, Universal
Public propertyLastName
Sets the User's Last name
Public propertyMembers
Gets the members of a group
Public propertyParentGroup
Sets the Parent group
Public propertyPassword
Sets the User's password
Public propertyPasswordExpired
Sets the User's password to expired. Default is false
Public propertyPasswordNeverExpires
Sets the User's password to never expire. Default is false
Public propertyPrivilege
The Privilege to grant. See
Public propertyUser
Sets the User name. Supports DirectoryPath metadata for AddUserToGroup. Use this to supply different domain users.
Public propertyUserDomain
The domain the user is in. If not set, defaults to Domain.
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