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This namespace hosts tasks that are designed to scan your code and identify code quality / consistency issues.

Helpful Links

FxCop Blog

StyleCop Blog


Public classCode exampleFxCop
The FxCop task provides a basic wrapper over FxCopCmd.exe. See for more details.

Valid TaskActions are:

Analyse (Required: Project and / or Files, OutputFile Optional: DependencyDirectories, Imports, Rules, ShowSummary, UpdateProject, Verbose, UpdateProject, LogToConsole, Types, FxCopPath, ReportXsl, OutputFile, ConsoleXsl, Project, SearchGac, IgnoreInvalidTargets, Quiet, ForceOutput, AspNetOnly, IgnoreGeneratedCode, OverrideRuleVisibilities, FailOnMissingRules, SuccessFile, Dictionary, Ruleset, RulesetDirectory, References, AssemblyCompareMode Output: AnalysisFailed, OutputText, ExitCode)

Remote Execution Support: NA

Public classCode exampleNUnit
Executes Test Cases using NUnit (Tested using v2.6.2)
Public classCode exampleNUnit3
Executes Test Cases using NUnit (Tested using v3.0.5610.33199)
Public classCode exampleStyleCop
Wraps the StyleCopConsole class to provide a mechanism for scanning files for StyleCop compliance.

Valid TaskActions are:

Scan (Required: SourceFiles, SettingsFile Optional: ShowOutput, ForceFullAnalysis, CacheResults, logFile, OutputFileOutput: Succeeded, ViolationCount, FailedFiles)

Remote Execution Support: No