MSBuildHelper PropertiesMSBuild Extension Pack Help

The MSBuildHelper type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCurrentDirectory
Gets the current directory
Public propertyInputItems1
Sets InputItems1.
Public propertyInputItems2
Sets InputItems2.
Public propertyInString
Sets the input string
Public propertyItemCount
Gets the ItemCount.
Public propertyItemString
Sets the string to convert to a Task Item
Public propertyMetadata
Sets the Metadata
Public propertyOutputItems
Gets the OutputItems.
Public propertyOutString
Gets the output string
Public propertyPosition
Sets the position of the Item to get
Public propertyRegexPattern
Sets the regex pattern.
Public propertySeparator
Sets the separator to use for splitting the ItemString when calling StringToItemCol. Also used in FilterItemsOnMetadata
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