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The Svn type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCommitMessage
The commit message that the Commit action sends with the commit to the repository
Public propertyDestination
The destination that the Checkout, Copy, Move and Export actions use.
Public propertyForce
Set whether to use Force on Export. Default is false.
Public propertyInfo
Filled up by the Version and Info actions.
Public propertyItem
The item that the Version, Info, GetProperty, SetProperty and Export actions use.
Public propertyItems
The items that the Checkout, Update, Add, Copy, Delete, Move and Commit actions use.
Public propertyPropertyName
The name of the property that the GetProperty and SetProperty actions use.
Public propertyPropertyValue
The value of the property that the GetProperty action returns and the SetProperty action sets.
Public propertyTaskAction (Overrides BaseTaskTaskAction.)
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