Iis6Website PropertiesMSBuild Extension Pack Help

The Iis6Website type exposes the following members.


Public propertyExists
Gets whether the website exists.
Public propertyForce
Set force to true to delete an existing website when calling Create. Default is false.
Public propertyIdentifier
Gets or sets the Identifier for the website. If specified for Create and the Identifier already exists, an error is logged.
Public propertyMetabasePropertyName
Sets the Metabase Property Name to retrieve. See Metabase Property Reference (IIS 6.0)

Public propertyMetabasePropertyValue
Gets the string value of the requested MetabasePropertyName
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name.
Public propertyProperties
Sets the Properties. Use a semi-colon delimiter. See Metabase Property Reference (IIS 6.0)

Some properties may be split within the semi colon, e.g. to set multiple server bindings you could use Properties="ServerBindings=:80:first.host.header|:80:second.host.header" If a property contains =, enter #~# as a special sequence which will be replaced with = during processing

Public propertySleep
Set the sleep time in ms for when calling Start, Stop, Pause or Continue. Default is 250ms.
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