The DynamicExecute type exposes the following members.


Public methodDynamicExecute


Public propertyClosureId
The identifier of the closure instance.
Public propertyCode
The actual method code for dynamic execution.
Public propertyInput1
The value for the first input parameter.
Public propertyInput2
The value for the second input parameter.
Public propertyInput3
The value for the third input parameter.
Public propertyInputs
Specifies the inputs for Code. Each input has a type and a name.
Public propertyInputValue
The value to set.
Public propertyMethodId
The identifier of the method definition.
Public propertyName
The name of the input argument to set, or the output argument to retrieve.
Public propertyNoDefaultParameters
Specifies to not define the default parameters for Code.
Public propertyNoDefaultReferences
Specifies to not include the default references for Code.
Public propertyNoDefaultUsingNamespaces
Specifies to not include the default "using namespaces" for Code.
Public propertyOutput1
The value of the first closure output.
Public propertyOutput2
The value of the second closure output.
Public propertyOutput3
The value of the third closure output.
Public propertyOutputClosureId
The ID of a closure instance.
Public propertyOutputMethodId
The ID of a defined method.
Public propertyOutputs
Specifies the outputs for Code. Each output has a type and a name.
Public propertyOutputValue
The value of a closure output.
Public propertyReferences
Specifies additional references for Code.
Public propertyTaskAction
Sets the task action. See DynamicExecute for a description of the valid task actions.
(Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)
Public propertyUsingNamespaces
Specifies additional "using namespaces" for Code. These are namespaces that are brought into the code's scope.

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