The WindowsService type exposes the following members.


Public methodWindowsService


Public propertyCommandLineArguments
Sets the command line arguments to be passed to the service.
Public propertyDescription
Sets the service description
Public propertyExists
Gets whether the service exists
Public propertyForce
Sets a value indicating whether to delete a service if it already exists when calling Install
Public propertyMachineName (Overrides BaseTask..::..MachineName.)
Public propertyPassword
Sets user password
Public propertyRemoteUser
Sets the user to impersonate on remote server.
Public propertyRemoteUserPassword
Sets the password for the user to impersonate on remote server.
Public propertyRetryAttempts
Sets the number of times to attempt Starting / Stopping a service. Default is 60.
Public propertyServiceDependencies
Sets the services upon which the installed service depends.
Public propertyServiceDisplayName
The Display Name of the service. Defaults to ServiceName.
Public propertyServiceName
The Name of the service. Note, this is the 'Service Name' as displayed in services.msc, NOT the 'Display Name'
Public propertyServicePath
Sets the path of the service executable
Public propertyStartupType
Sets the Startup Type of the service.
Public propertyTaskAction (Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)
Public propertyUser
Sets the user.

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