The SqlVersion type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBuild
Build component of build number
Public propertyBuildName
The name of the build number sequence to query
Public propertyDatabaseName
The name of the database whcih contains the BuildNumber table
Public propertyDelimiter
Sets the Delimiter to use in the version number. Default is .
Public propertyFieldToIncrement
Number indicating which field is to be incremented. 0 = none (read out last number generated), 1-4 = Major, Minor, Build, Increment.
Public propertyMajor
Major component of build number
Public propertyMinor
Minor component of build number
Public propertyPaddingCount
Sets the number of padding digits to use, e.g. 4
Public propertyPaddingDigit
Sets the padding digit to use, e.g. 0
Public propertyRevision
Revision component of build number
Public propertyVersion
Gets the full four part Version

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