The BizTalkHostInstance type exposes the following members.


Public methodBizTalkHostInstance


Public propertyAccountName
The logon account to use for the Host Instance
Public propertyAccountPassword
The logon password to use for the Host Instance
Public propertyExists
Gets whether the host instance exists
Public propertyForce
Set to true to delete an existing host instance when Create is called.
Public propertyHostInstances
The Host Instances returned by Get. The name of the Host Instance is used as the Identity. Metadata includes: Caption, ConfigurationState, Description, HostType, InstallDate, IsDisabled, MgmtDbNameOverride, MgmtDbServerOverride, NTGroupName, RunningServer, ServiceState, Status, UniqueID
Public propertyHostName
The parent hostname for the host instance
Public propertyMachineName
Sets the MachineName.
(Overrides BaseTask..::..MachineName.)
Public propertyState
Gets the state of the host instance
Public propertyTaskAction
Sets the TaskAction.
(Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)

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