The Detokenise type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCommandLineValues
Sets the replacement values provided via the command line. The format is token1=value1#~#token2=value2 etc.
Public propertyDisplayFiles
Set to true for files being processed to be output to the console.
Public propertyFilesDetokenised
Gets the files detokenised count. [Output]
Public propertyFilesProcessed
Gets the files processed count. [Output]
Public propertyForceWrite
If this is set to true, then the file is re-written, even if no tokens are matched. this may be used in the case when the user wants to ensure all file are written with the same encoding.
Public propertyIgnoreUnknownTokens
Specifies whether to ignore tokens which are not matched. Default is false.
Public propertyProjectFile
Sets the MSBuild file to load for token matching. Defaults to BuildEngine.ProjectFileOfTaskNode
Public propertyReplacementValues
Sets the replacement values.
Public propertyReportUnusedTokens
Set to true when running a Report to see which tokens are not used in any files scanned. Default is false.
Public propertySearchAllStores
Specifies whether to search in the ReplacementValues, CommandLineValues and the ProjectFile for token values. Default is false.
Public propertySeparator
Sets the separator to use to split the CommandLineValues. The default is #~#
Public propertyTargetFiles
Sets the TargetFiles.
Public propertyTargetPath
Sets the TargetPath.
Public propertyTaskAction (Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)
Public propertyTextEncoding
The file encoding to write the new file in. The task will attempt to default to the current file encoding. If TargetFiles is specified, individual encodings can be specified by providing an Encoding metadata value.
Public propertyTokenExtractionPattern
Specifies the regular expression to use to extract the token name from the TokenPattern provided. The default pattern is (?<=\$\()[0-9a-zA-Z-._]+(?=\)), i.e it will extract token from $(token)
Public propertyTokenPattern
Specifies the regular expression format of the token to look for. The default pattern is \$\([0-9a-zA-Z-._]+\) which equates to $(token)
Public propertyTokenReport
ItemGroup containing the Tokens (Identity) and Files metadata containing all the files in which the token can be found.
Public propertyUnusedTokens
Itemgroup containing the tokens which have been provided but not found in the files scanned. ReportUnusedTokens must be set to true to use this.

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