This namespace hosts tasks that are designed to scan your code and identify code quality / consistency issues.

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Public classFxCop
The FxCop task provides a basic wrapper over FxCopCmd.exe. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/bb429449(VS.80).aspx for more details.

Valid TaskActions are:

Analyse (Required: Project and / or Files, OutputFile Optional: DependencyDirectories, Imports, Rules, ShowSummary, UpdateProject, Verbose, UpdateProject, LogToConsole, Types, FxCopPath, ReportXsl, OutputFile, ConsoleXsl, Project, SearchGac, IgnoreInvalidTargets, Quiet, ForceOutput, AspNetOnly, IgnoreGeneratedCode, OverrideRuleVisibilities, FailOnMissingRules, SuccessFile, Dictionary, Ruleset, RulesetDirectory, References, AssemblyCompareMode Output: AnalysisFailed, OutputText, ExitCode)

Remote Execution Support: NA

Public classNUnit
Executes Test Cases using NUnit (Tested using v2.6.2)
Public classStyleCop
Wraps the StyleCopConsole class to provide a mechanism for scanning files for StyleCop compliance.

Valid TaskActions are:

Scan (Required: SourceFiles, SettingsFile Optional: ShowOutput, ForceFullAnalysis, CacheResults, logFile, OutputFileOutput: Succeeded, ViolationCount, FailedFiles)

Remote Execution Support: No