The BaseTask type exposes the following members.


Public methodExecute
Executes this instance.
(Overrides Task..::..Execute()()()().)


Public propertyAuthenticationLevel
Sets the authentication level to be used to connect to WMI. Default is Default. Also supports: Call, Connect, None, Packet, PacketIntegrity, PacketPrivacy, Unchanged
Public propertyAuthority
Sets the authority to be used to authenticate the specified user.
Public propertyLogExceptionStack
Set to true to log the full Exception Stack to the console.
Public propertyMachineName
Sets the MachineName.
Public propertySuppressTaskMessages
Set to true to suppress all Message logging by tasks. Errors and Warnings are not affected.
Public propertyTaskAction
Sets the TaskAction.
Public propertyUserName
Sets the UserName
Public propertyUserPassword
Sets the UserPassword.

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