The Database type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBackupAction
Sets the type of backup action to perform. Supports Database, Files and Log. Default is Database
Public propertyCollation
Sets the collation of the database.
Public propertyConnectionCount
Gets the number of connections the database has open
Public propertyDatabaseItem
Sets the database name
Public propertyDataFilePath
Sets the DataFilePath.
Public propertyExists
Gets whether the database exists
Public propertyFileGroupName
Sets the FileGroupName. Defaults to PRIMARY
Public propertyForce
Set to true to force the creation of a database if it already exists.
Public propertyIncremental
Set to true to perform an Incremental backup. Default is false.
Public propertyInformation
Gets the Information TaskItem. Each available property is added as metadata.
Public propertyLogFilePath
Sets the LogFilePath.
Public propertyLogName
Sets the Log Name. Defaults DatabaseItem.ItemSpec + "_log"
Public propertyNewDataFilePath
Sets the NewDataFilePath.
Public propertyNoPooling
Set to true to create a NonPooledConnection to the server. Default is false.
Public propertyNotificationInterval
Sets the PercentCompleteNotification interval. Defaults to 10.
Public propertyOutputFilePath
Sets the OutputFilePath.
Public propertyPrimaryDataFileName
Sets the primary data file name.
Public propertyReplaceDatabase
A Boolean value that specifies whether a new image of the restored database will be created. If True, a new image of the database is created. The image is created regardless of the presence of an existing database with the same name. If False (default), a new image of the database is not created by the restore operation. The database targeted by the restore operation must exist on an instance of Microsoft SQL Server.
Public propertyRestoreAction
Sets the type of restore action to perform. Supports Database, Files, Log, OnlineFiles, OnlinePage. Default is Database
Public propertySecondaryDataFileName
Sets the secondary data file name. No default value.
Public propertySecondaryDataFilePath
Sets the SecondaryDataFilePath.
Public propertyStatementTimeout
Sets the number of seconds before an operation times out. The default is not to specify this property on the connection.
Public propertyTaskAction
Sets the TaskAction.
(Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)

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