The Folder type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAccessType
Set the AccessType. Can be Allow or Deny. Default is Allow.
Public propertyFolders
Gets the folder list
Public propertyForce
Sets a value indicating whether to delete readonly files when performing RemoveContent
Public propertyMatch
Sets the regular expression to match in the name of a folder for Delete. Case is ignored.
Public propertyPath
Sets the path to remove content from, or the base path for Delete
Public propertyPermission
A comma-separated list of FileSystemRights.
Public propertyRecursive
Set to true to perform a recursive scan. Default is false.
Public propertyRetryCount
Sets a value indicating how many times to retry removing the content, e.g. if files are temporarily locked. Default is 5. The retry occurs every 5 seconds.
Public propertyTargetPath
Sets the TargetPath for a renamed folder
Public propertyTaskAction (Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)
Public propertyUsers
Sets the users collection. Use the Permission metadata tag to specify permissions. Separate pemissions with a comma.


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