This namespace hosts tasks that can be used to interact with various computer elements.


Public classActiveDirectory
Valid TaskActions are:

AddUser (Required: User Optional: Domain, FullName, Description, Password, PasswordExpired, PasswordNeverExpires)

AddGroup (Required: Group Optional: Domain, Description, GroupType)

AddGroupToGroup (Required: Parent, Group). Windows Server 2008 only.

AddUserToGroup (Required: User, Group)

CheckUserExists (Required: User Output: Exists)

CheckUserPassword (Required: User, Password Optional: BindingContextOptions, ContextTypeStore, Domain Output: Exists)

CheckGroupExists (Required: Group Output: Exists)

DeleteUser (Required: User)

DeleteGroup (Required: Group)

DeleteUserFromGroup (Required: User, Group)

GetGroupMembers (Required: Group Optional: GetFullMemberName Output: Members)

GetUserPassword (Required: User Optional: BindingContextOptions, ContextTypeStore, Domain, ErrorOnCancelOutput: Password)

GrantPrivilege (Required: User, Privilege Optional: Domain)

RemoveGroupFromGroup (Required: Parent, Group). Windows Server 2008 only.

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classComponentServices
Valid TaskActions are:

AddComponent (Required: Path, ApplicationName Optional: Activation, Identity, UserPassword, Framework)

AddNativeComponent (Required: Path, ApplicationName Optional: Activation, Identity, UserPassword, Framework)

CheckApplicationExists (Required: ApplicationName Output: Exists)

CreateApplication (Required: ApplicationName Optional: Activation, EnforceAccessChecks, Identity, UserPassword)

DeleteApplication (Required: ApplicationName)

RemoveComponent (Required: Path Optional: Framework)

SetConstructor (Required: ApplicationName, ComponentName, ConstructorString)

SetAccessIisIntrinsicProperties (Required: ApplicationName, ComponentName Optional: AllowIntrinsicIisProperties)

SetTransactionSupport (Required: ApplicationName, ComponentName, Transaction)

ShutDownApplication (Required: ApplicationName)

UpdateApplication (Required: ApplicationName Optional: Activation, Identity, UserPassword)

Remote Execution Support: No

Public classEnvironmentVariable
Valid TaskActions are:

Get (Required: Variable Optional: Target Output: Value)

Set (Required: Variable, Value Optional: Target)

Remote Execution Support: For Get TaskAction only

Public classEventLog
Valid TaskActions are:

Backup (Required: LogName, BackupPath Optional: MachineName)

CheckExists (Required: LogName Optional: MachineName Output: Exists)

Clear (Required: LogName Optional: MachineName)

Create (Required: LogName Optional: MaxSize, Retention, MachineName, CategoryCount, MessageResourceFile, CategoryResourceFile, ParameterResourceFile)

Delete (Required: LogName Optional: MachineName)

Modify (Required: LogName Optional: MaxSize, Retention, MachineName)

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classEventSource
Valid TaskActions are:

CheckExists (Required: Source Optional: MachineName Output: Exists)

Create (Required: Source, LogName Optional: Force, MachineName, CategoryCount, MessageResourceFile, CategoryResourceFile, ParameterResourceFile)

Delete (Required: Source Optional: MachineName)

Log (Required: Source, Description, LogType, EventId, LogNameOptional: MachineName)

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classHostsFile
Valid TaskActions are:

SetHostEntry (Required: HostName, IPAddress Optional: Comment, PathToHostsFile)

Update (Required: HostEntries Optional: PathToHostsFile, Truncate

Remote Execution Support: No

Public classNetwork
Valid TaskActions are:

GetDnsHostName (Required: HostNameOutput: DnsHostName)

GetInternalIP (Output: Ip)

GetRemoteIP (Required: HostName Output: Ip)

Ping (Required: HostName Optional: Timeout, PingCount Output: Exists)

Remote Execution Support: NA

Public classPerformanceCounters
Valid TaskActions are:

Add (Required: CategoryName, CounterList, CategoryHelp Optional: MultiInstance)

CheckCategoryExists (Required: CategoryName Optional: MachineName)

CheckCounterExists (Required: CategoryName, CounterName Optional: MachineName)

GetValue (Required: CategoryName, CounterName Output: Value, MachineName)

Remove (Required: CategoryName)

Remote Execution Support: Partial

Public classProcess
Valid TaskActions are:

CheckRunning (Required: ProcessName Output: IsRunning)

Create (Required: Parameters Output: ReturnValue, ProcessId)

Get (Required: ProcessName, Value Optional: User, ProcessName, IncludeUserInfo Output: Processes)

Terminate (Required: ProcessName or ProcessId)

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classRegistry
Valid TaskActions are:

CheckEmpty (Required: RegistryHive, Key Output: Empty)

CheckValueExists (Required: RegistryHive, Key, Value Output: Exists

CreateKey (Required: RegistryHive, Key)

DeleteKey (Required: RegistryHive, Key)

DeleteKeyTree (Required: RegistryHive, Key)

DeleteValue (Required: RegistryHive, Key, Value)

Get (Required: RegistryHive, Key, Value Output: Data)

Set (Required: RegistryHive, Key, Value Optional: DataType)

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classSystemDrive
Valid TaskActions are:

CheckDriveSpace (Required: Drive, MinSpace Optional: Unit)

GetDrives (Optional: SkipDrives, Unit Output: Drives)

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classWindowsService
Valid TaskActions are:

CheckExists (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName, RemoteUser, RemoteUserPassword Output: Exists)

Delete (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName)

Disable (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName)

Install (Required: ServiceName, ServicePath, UserOptional: Force, StartupType, CommandLineArguments, Description, ServiceDependencies, ServiceDisplayName, MachineName, RemoteUser, RemoteUserPassword)

Restart (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName). Any running directly dependent services will be restarted too.

SetAutomatic (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName)

SetManual (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName)

Start (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName, RetryAttempts)

Stop (Required: ServiceName Optional: MachineName, RetryAttempts)

Uninstall (Required: ServicePath Optional: MachineName, RemoteUser, RemoteUserPassword)

UpdateIdentity (Required: ServiceName, User, Password Optional: MachineName)

Remote Execution Support: Yes

Public classWshShell
Valid TaskActions are:

CreateShortcut (Required: Name, FilePath Optional: Arguments, ShortcutPath, Description, WorkingDirectory, IconLocation)

Remote Execution Support: No