The BizTalkReceiveHandler type exposes the following members.


Public methodBizTalkReceiveHandler


Public propertyAdapterName
Sets the AdapterName
Public propertyCustomCfg
Sets the CustomCfg for the ReceiveHandler. See Configuration Properties for Integrated BizTalk Adapters
Public propertyDatabase
Sets the Management Database to connect to. Default is BizTalkMgmtDb
Public propertyDatabaseServer
Sets the DatabaseServer to connect to. Default is MachineName
Public propertyExists
Gets whether the Application exists
Public propertyForce
Set to true to delete an existing Receive Handler when Create is called.
Public propertyHostName
Sets the Host Name. For TaskAction="Get", a regular expression may be provided
Public propertyMachineName
Sets the MachineName.
(Overrides BaseTask..::..MachineName.)
Public propertyReceiveHandlers
Gets the list of Receive Handlers. Identity is HostName. Metadata includes AdapterName, MgmtDbNameOverride, MgmtDbServerOverride, CustomCfg, Description, Caption.
Public propertyTaskAction
Sets the TaskAction.
(Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)

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