The Iis6ServiceExtensionFile type exposes the following members.


Public methodIis6ServiceExtensionFile


Public methodDeleteFile
Public methodFileExists


Public propertyDeletable
Sets whether the file can be deleted from the Web Service Extension Restriction List.
Public propertyDescription
Sets the Description of the web service extension being added
Public propertyExists
Gets whether the service extension file exists. Output
Public propertyForce
Set to true to delete an existing extension of the same name. Default is false.
Public propertyGroupId
A unique text ID associated with one or more ISAPIs or CGIs required for enabling the group
Public propertyPath
Sets the Path to the web extension service file.
Public propertyPermission
Sets whether the extension is Allowed or Prohibited. Default is Allowed.
Public propertyTaskAction (Overrides BaseTask..::..TaskAction.)

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