The File type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAccessType
Set the AccessType. Can be Allow or Deny. Default is Allow.
Public propertyChecksum
Gets the file checksum
Public propertyCodeLinecount
Gets the number of code lines countered. This is calculated as Total - Comment - Empty
Public propertyCommentIdentifiers
Sets characters to be interpreted as comment identifiers. Semi-colon delimited. Only single line comments are currently supported.
Public propertyCommentLinecount
Gets the number of comment lines counted
Public propertyElapsedTime
Gets the time taken to count the files. Value in seconds.
Public propertyEmptyLinecount
Gets the number of empty lines countered. Whitespace is ignored.
Public propertyExcludedFilecount
Gets the number of excluded files
Public propertyExcludedFiles
Item collection of files Excluded from the count.
Public propertyFiles
An ItemList of files to process. If calling SetAttributes, RemoveAttributes or AddAttributes, include the attributes in an Attributes metadata tag, separated by a semicolon.
Public propertyIncludedFilecount
Gets the number of included files
Public propertyIncludedFiles
Item collection of files included after filtering operations
Public propertyLines
Sets the Lines to use. For WriteLines this is interpreted as plain text. For RemoveLines this is interpreted as a regular expression
Public propertyMaxSize
Sets the maximum size of files to count
Public propertyMinSize
Sets the minimum size of files to count
Public propertyPath
A path to process or get. Use * for recursive folder processing. For the GetChecksum TaskAction, this indicates the path to the file to create a checksum for.
Public propertyPermission
A comma-separated list of FileSystemRights.
Public propertyRegexOptionList
Sets the Regular Expression options, e.g. None|IgnoreCase|Multiline|ExplicitCapture|Compiled|Singleline|IgnorePatternWhitespace|RightToLeft|RightToLeft|ECMAScript|CultureInvariant Default is RegexOptions.Compiled
Public propertyRegexPattern
Sets the regex pattern.
Public propertyReplacement
The replacement text to use. Default is string.Empty
Public propertyResult
Gets the result
Public propertySize
Sets the size of the file in bytes for TaskAction="Create". This can be overridden by using a metadata tag called size on the Files items.
Public propertyTargetPath
Sets the TargetPath for a renamed file or to save concatenated files
Public propertyTextEncoding
The file encoding to write the new file in. The task will attempt to default to the current file encoding.
Public propertyTotalFilecount
Gets the number of files counted
Public propertyTotalLinecount
Gets the total number of lines counted
Public propertyUsers
Sets the users collection. Use the Permission metadata tag to specify permissions. Separate pemissions with a comma.


The Permission metadata is only used if the Permission property is not set.
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<UsersCol Include="AUser">

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